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Hello baby Patrick!

This is my granny Florence, the coolest old lady in the world, with Lottie the pup 👵🐶

TLG032 Δ Annastay

@gringosontherun #caughtgramming in #iceland

Saying goodbye to our apartment and our little friend Hurley today, end of an era :(


Laos - Vang Veing, The Blue Lagoon

This is paradise! Only £3 entry to stay in this bottomless lagoon all day with a little shop that served fresh fruits and beer. We spend a few days jumping off the surrounding trees into the crystal clear water and swimming with the fish. Easily accessible, only half an hour drive from Vang Vieng town and scooter rental is super cheap. There’s also a well hidden cave a short hike from here.

Hey friends! Check my fiancés feed, she started a travel photo diary! @gringosontherun xx

My fiancé @ciarawillywonka day dreaming in the Icelandic wilderness


"Those who don’t jump will never fly"

Thanks so much for the feature :) @passionpassport (at Geysir)

The most important meal of the day (at Kex Hostel)

Norðurljós (at Reykjavík)

This book (at Kex Hostel)

Traveller (at Kex Hostel)