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Nightswimming: @emma_dharma @gringos.on.the.run #ididnottakethispicture #vscocam #hongkong

Rescued this little lady today from under the hood of a car, @gringos.on.the.run and me need a name for our new friend, ideas??

Goodbye Philippines, back to China today

Too big to fit in the picture… (at Oslob)

Look, it’s @gringos.on.the.run

#vscocam #beachlife

Me, pre sunburn (at White Beach, Boracay)

Night crawler

Not a bad day (at Boracay Island)

Squid for supper (at Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan)

Visited this fantastic volcano on an island today (at Taal Volcano)

@gringos.on.the.run was a tad excited at Disney yesterday (at Hong Kong Disneyland)

Escape from the city (at Sai Kung)

Searchin’ for the island (at Sai Kung)

China ain’t all noodles and rice, we found CaliBurger! (at CaliBurger Shenzhen)